A note from far away

I wasn’t planning on posting while on my trip but I have free internet access right now and a bit of time before dinner, so I thought I would briefly talk about a few impressions.

Mark, from Mad About Morocco, designed a great itinerary based on our preferences and I have much preferred this method of travelling over doing a bus tour with a large group of people.

To me, Morocco is full of contrasts. Old medinas nestled within expanding “new town” modern cities. Dodging donkey poo on the ground while passing a “cyber cafe.” Eating snails cooked in fennel soup, while being offered a Coca-Cola or a Fanta. Satellite dishes sitting on the roofs of small mud homes.

Highlights have included sitting under the stars in the Sahara desert, riding a camel as the sun rose over the sand dunes, and being served mint tea by a Berber man and his son inside their home when we visited their tiny mountain village where they normally don’t have any visitors — let alone ones from a far away country.

I have two more days of travel here and then I’m off to Spain. I take with me vibrant memories, many photos, and a carpet that I was somehow suckered into buying. Oh and a couple of cookbooks that I need to read with a French dictionary by my side as well. 🙂

6 thoughts on “A note from far away

  1. You will be back to full of ideas you will be bursting. Did you meet Mark through the internet – or did you know him before. What a great way to travel. We will be doing the same this summer in Egypt… but not over to Morocco – darn.:) Glad you are having a blast!

  2. This sounds remarkably similar to my own Moroccan journey many years ago. Right down to the tea with Berbers in the mountains. Didn’t you love the “simple” breakfasts in the mornings? Bread with honey, fresh oranges, omlettes with onion and cumin… and always, mint tea. I long to return. Someday I will. For now I’m happy reading about your adventures in the Sahara.

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