Yogen Früz, various locations worldwide

I thought Yogen Früz was just in Canada, but this company, which originally started in Toronto, is worldwide! Who knew?

Yogen Früz specializes in taking vanilla or chocolate yogurt and mixing it with a number of toppings including frozen fruit. Growing up, my standard frozen yogurt mix has usually been some sort of berry, but I recently realized that they have a whole bunch of flavours that may not necessarily be advertised on the menu board. Guess which  flavour appears in the photo below!

frozen yogurt

frozen yogurt

Matcha! Yes, they have Japanese green tea as a flavour choice, using actual matcha. I have fallen in love with it. Combined with nonfat or low fat frozen yogurt, it makes a low calorie, tasty treat. It’s not very sweet though, so if you want to try it and have a bit of a sweet tooth, I suggest also getting an additional mix of lychee.

(Bonus points if you can guess in which mall I took the photo!)

Yogen Früz
Various locations worldwide

10 thoughts on “Yogen Früz, various locations worldwide

  1. Ha! That’s from Kingsway Garden Mall! Am I right?

    I am quite partial to the tropical mixture of mango + (one other). Mango + peach. Mango + melon. Yum.

  2. If you’re every in the UK you must check out Snog for frozen yoghurt, they have organic dairy ingredients and some food allergy friendly options. They’ve got 4 stores in London now.

  3. Well if it’s food allergy friendly, organic, vegan, vegetarian or another specialist diet you’re after, do check out our eating out guide for all these preferences next time you come to the UK! We’re a new site, so any new listings or feedback are also very welcome. We’re at http://www.LeaveItOut.co.uk. Kate

    • Nice site but next time please ask for permission to post… or at least comment on a post that is actually related to your website’s topic instead of just any random post. 🙂

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