News and links… and a contest!

And lastly, I am happy to announce an official Brûlée Blog contest!

The kind folks at Sobeys have offered to give one of my readers 1375 Club Sobeys points, which works out to approximately $10.00 in free groceries. Yes, I said free groceries!

Club Sobeys is Sobey’s free loyalty card where you can earn reward points through your purchases and redeem them for groceries, appliances, gift cards, and Aeroplan Miles. Since September 2008, more than 2.2 million Club Sobeys members have collected over 6 billion Club Sobeys points, and redeemed them for over $26,000,000 in free groceries. If you don’t already have a Club Sobeys card, you can sign up for a free one right over here. Please note that the points (and therefore also the contest) are only available to residents of Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Ok so how can you win these wonderful points? Simply follow any of these three options:

1. Post a comment here. And make sure to include your e-mail address in the e-mail address line so that I can tell Sobeys who the winner is! If you don’t want to post a comment, feel free to send me an e-mail instead at bruleeblog@{no-spamming} (remove the stuff between and including the fancy brackets).

2. Talk about this contest on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc. and post a link to it here in an additional comment. No limits as to how many of these you do.

3. E-mail your friends and have them mention your name when they post their comment.

This contest closes at end of day May 7th.

Disclaimer: I have not been paid anything nor given anything to promote Club Sobeys.

5 thoughts on “News and links… and a contest!

  1. My last trip to Germany was two years ago this summer. With a supplier from China.
    All he wanted to eat was Doner Kebab, I was very surprised.

    They are good though , they vary from town to town in flavoring, they had their scandal (lowest quality meat), and yes, the price point ia amazing.

  2. Cool articles – I have not read them all – but will be. Thanks for the posts… I never take photos of any place anywhere without asking first. I know many do, but I just consider it so rude. I ask when I reserve or, if just walking in, I ask then. If it is a shop and I want to do window shoots of all of the sweets, I try to wait until people are not around the windows or near me when I shoot – and always ask first. So many places, particularly in France, just do not allow it. So, I just photograph the outside window display, or the take away sweet I buy. I have been driven crazy by the clicking noise of people’s cameras – or their flash – in a quiet restaurant. But, usually, I find that no one notices if there is no sound or no flash. They are just too busy having their own fun… But, I don’t do many restaurants. Only the ones away from home. I am curious to read the article… tripods?
    Thanks for the update!

  3. supersu says:

    i love love love contests!
    and i love love love sobeys!

    i get fantastic hummus/pita/vegs there

    thanks for your blog…i always find your information interesting and useful!

    su 🙂

  4. habanerogal says:

    Hi thanks for linking to so many great articles it good to have some other sources. Count me in for the Sobeys contest I’m a loyal shopper

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