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And lastly, if you live in the Edmonton area you should check out the local Chowhound board. I took over moderating the Edmonton Restaurant Review of the Month (RROTM) a couple of months ago, and we need more people participating! Here’s some info for you:

The Edmonton Restaurant Review of the Month (RROTM) is an event where chowhounds nominate local restaurantsto review for the month (similar to a book club). The moderator of RROTM will use a randomizer to choose the restaurant for the upcoming month. Chowhounds try to eat there at least once during that month, and post their opinion in a RROTM specific thread. There are two monthly threads for RROTM – the discussion thread to choose the restaurant and the thread for the reviews.

June discussion:;topic-710328
June review thread:
May review thread:

5 thoughts on “News and links

  1. Good for you – all these initiatives. I know nothing about Chowhound except that I use it when I travel. Please refer your reviewers to MY contest to! 🙂 wink wink! Mine is actually over… yesterday. I have to yet announce the winner. Great stuff. How do you keep up with it all? I will be going through this list in depth, tonight.

  2. Thanks so much for the shoutout! Hope you enjoyed the episode.

    I’d love to do more food-based stuff… maybe even a short monthly segment. Would something like that interest you and some of your fellow food bloggers?

  3. copper cookware set says:

    Thanks for the article, I really liked it a lot. For sure you could get alot of interest from food bloggers that are close to you. It sounds like an awesome idea.

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