Fun Friday

For all of those people who like to make fun of me for putting soy sauce in my oatmeal. (You know who you are! *points accusing finger*)

The System

The System

7 thoughts on “Fun Friday

  1. Hilarious!
    My tomato plants have given up the ghost. I didn’t plant them for 2 weeks – and then, planted them the night before the snow I didn’t know would happen – so, I hope they have more. I will be back down tomorrow scrounging!
    I appreciated all of your specifics about my trip to Chinatown and my lack of knowledge regarding so many of the items. VERY helpful… but, hmmm… not sure I will ever get to the point of a little soy sauce on my oatmeal – but, am impressed with your fusion creativity!

  2. Aah, my 18 month old son just figured out how to view your picture while pounding on my keyboard lol.
    Thanks for the good morning laugh! Have a great weekend 😀

  3. Thanks for posting my comic! There’s a million other great things in oatmeal, and soy sauce doesn’t sound too bad. I prefer some PB & J, though.

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