Asparagus and mushrooms recipe

A trip to the City Market last Saturday netted me a few goodies including two bunches of fresh Edgar Farms asparagus (where I bumped into Sharon from Only Here for the Food when we both raced there to grab some before they sold out), and a 1 lb. basket of mixed wild and domestic mushrooms from Mo-Na Food. I also picked up a small container of morels to experiment with, but more on that on another post. I did think about some fiddleheads as well, but I’ve bought them a couple of weeks in a row and I needed a bit of a break from them.

My farmers’ market bounty inspired to cook up a simple vegetarian dinner.

I snapped the bottom ends of the asparagus and gave them a quick rinse, then popped them into some boiling water for a very quick parboil. I then popped them into cold water in order to shock them and stop the cooking process.

While the asparagus cooled, I cleaned and roughly chopped up my mixed mushrooms, diced a couple of garlic cloves, and chopped up another six portobello mushrooms that I had bought at Costco and added that also to the mix. I stir fried the whole lot with about three tablespoons of margarine and reduced the heat to a medium high temperature.

stir-fried mushrooms

stir-fried mushrooms

Once they cooked through, I splashed in about a tablespoon and a half of shao hsing Chinese cooking wine and added salt and pepper to taste (very little salt, as the cooking wine has salt in it already).

I then started plating. First, some drained asparagus. Then, spoonfuls of mushrooms. And to top it all off, scoops of the sauce over the whole thing.

asparagus and mushrooms

asparagus and mushrooms

Simple, fresh, nutritious and delicious. Great with a side of brown rice, or maybe some roasted potatoes. Myself, I toasted some whole grain bread and dipped it into the sauce until it soaked everything up.

Alternatives to the Chinese cooking wine include soy sauce, cooking sherry, or oyster sauce.

A warning – the amount of mushrooms that I cooked were enough to make at least 6-8 servings. I had plenty of leftovers.

5 thoughts on “Asparagus and mushrooms recipe

  1. Asparagus and mushroom is really a perfect combination. We’ve just had mushroom and asparagus frittatas this morning, and there were a lot of mushroom and asparagus left in the kitchen. I can’t wait to try this recipe for dinner.

  2. I got there too late for the asparagus. I should have known! I will be there EARLY this week. The dish looks delectable!!!! And, LeQuan showed me the brand of Chinese cooking wine she uses… on my post, I think. Which do you use? And why margarine? Everything’s better with butter, isn’t it?

    • We were both there at about 10, and there were still lots left!

      I use margarine because of the lower calorie count and non-hydrogenated oil. I know, butter is better, but sometimes you have to suffer.

      I don’t have a favourite brand, but the one I’m using right now is called Grand Maple.

  3. I’m all over any dish that doesn’t have meat in it. Asparagus and mushrooms are such a great combo. Sometimes veggies are just better simply stir fried without any sauce eh? That way you can really taste the natural taste. Thank you for sharing this lovely dish.

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