Gluten-free pizza party

I’ve been wanting to give GF Patissiere‘s baking a try for a while now. Luckily, I managed to have a small order tagged onto a regular delivery to Edmonton and, after meeting Peter (delivery man, husband to GF Patissiere’s owner and baker Victoria, and the guy behind The Celiac Husband blog) and his lovely daughter, I had the goodies in my hands.

And then I had to promptly stick them all in the freezer for two weeks because I was saving them all for a get-together with friends. It was pure torture, let me tell you. But I was a good girl, and didn’t even open the box to peek inside. Who knew I had so much willpower?

The box that called out "open me!"

The box that called out "open me!"

In addition to dessert, I also ordered some gluten-free pizza shells so that we could assemble our own Celiac friendly pizzas. I took everything out of the freezer the day before, and I am happy to say that freezing didn’t affect the quality of the food at all.

GF Patisserie pizza shells

GF Patisserie pizza shells

We added a little cheese, a little tomato sauce, some yellow, orange and green bell peppers, some Mastro extra lean hot capocollo, and some Harvest Meats bison sausage before popping the shells into the oven. A couple of different side salads rounded off the meal.

my beautiful pizza

my beautiful pizza

The crust browned perfectly in the oven and took no time at all to make. If you like thin crust pizza, I would highly recommend these. And all of us agreed that you couldn’t tell they were made from special gluten-free dough, which is high praise because most gluten-free products do taste at least slightly different from the originals due to the mix of alternative flours.

one of the other pizzas

one of the other pizzas

And some sangria to go with the meal didn’t hurt either.

Yes we were lazy and didn't make it from scratch.

Yes we were lazy and didn't make it from scratch.

To end the meal we cracked open the box and devoured brownies made from Barry Callebaut chocolate and cream cheese. (To be perfectly honest some of us couldn’t hold out anymore and we had some of these before eating our pizza!) They were like biting into a piece of rich, thick cheese cake and were heavenly to eat. One friend said — and keep in mind that I quote her exactly — that they were “fucking glorious.”

Callebaut and cream cheese brownies

Callebaut and cream cheese brownies

If you want to learn more about GF Patisserie, make sure you check out their website, Peter’s blog, and also this profile on Victoria that Chris did a little while ago.

GF Patisserie
122 – 3rd Ave West
Cochrane, Alberta

5 thoughts on “Gluten-free pizza party

  1. OH! This is an R rated post today! GFP will be thrilled with such a guteral review… but food elicits that kind of response – especially good food! What fun that YOU got to meet the infamous H Peter – and his daughter, too! Your pizza looks outrageously delish, Miss BB! Listen, if your friend is gluten free – and is paying 6 dollars for a loaf of bread – she should look into buying a Thermomix. Truly. She will make the money back with the machine purchase within 6 months – but only if she is spending that kind of money on her food – and most GF people are. Enjoyed the read!
    PS – reserve September 26 and watch the Slow Food Edmonton website. Just finalized the Sylvan Star fieldtrip (Bles World dairy, too!)

    • Please excuse my French. 🙂

      I will definitely jot down the date, thanks.

      And my friend isn’t much of a baker other than stuff that comes in boxes. But I will let her know.

  2. Hello Mrs. Brulee,

    Thanks for the massive “Thumbs up”. The girls at GFP are so excited right now….

    Hi Valerie,

    I am so low key and was considering to send the delivery by CANPAR…but they might have eaten the Brownies instead of delivering them.

    This weekend is a first in Calgary, loads of Food Bloggers are teaming up for a bake sale benefitting Calgary Meals on Wheels. Good chance to meet some of them.

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