mrkt (market)

A took a stroll down Jasper Avenue the other day, and decided to stop at a brand new café (and apparently wine bar) called mrkt (a.k.a. market).

mrkt - exterior

mrkt - exterior

With food from the folks at Soul Soup, it’s located in a newly renovated space above the Red Star Pub. Mrkt is currently only open for lunch, but will be open for dinner soon. They post their menu on a board outside (notice the change from “cold” to “hot” on the sign), and inside the restaurant on a giant chalkboard painted against the back wall.

promo sign

promo sign

The space is long – and this feeling is emphasized by the long banquet table, lights and wood panelling. Two skylights over by the cash register give the space some needed sunlight at the far end of the room. I did like the space, but I have to admit that the panelling and the trees made me feel a bit like I was in a cabin… or an Ikea store.

mrkt - interior

mrkt - interior

They provide vegetable, fish and meat soup choices like Soul Soup does, as well as a selection of sandwiches. Soups and the specials change daily, while the sandwiches change less often. You can eat in or order take out. They also offer a number of drinks, or you can help yourself to a free water from the cooler on the bar.

the menu

the menu

I went for the soup and sandwich deal, which is priced at $13. My choices were the Trinidadian crab and corn soup with mango and the spicy tomato braised beef with pesto and caramelized onions sandwich.

mrkt soup and sandwich

mrkt soup and sandwich

The soup was a mix of a bunch of different flavours – peppery and not “fishy” at all, sweet from the corn and carrots, and a mix of sour and sweet from the pieces of mango.

mrkt sandwich

mrkt sandwich

The sandwich was great also, but very messy to eat. The beef was extremely tender and permeated with the flavour of tomatoes, and I also liked that the tomatoes weren’t acidic at all. It was almost like trying to eat a bowl of stew, but in sandwich form. The inside of the bun was soaked in the braising liquid and the crust of the bun held together very well. My fingers were a mess after eating.

All in all, mrkt made a very good first impression on me. I can’t wait to try more of their lunch offerings and sample their dinners! The soup and sandwich are a little too pricey to fit into my budget for too many regular visits, but I can definitely see myself popping in here once in a while for some interesting food choices.

10534 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton

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10 thoughts on “mrkt (market)

  1. WOW! The food looks fabulous… and the soup… never heard of such a soup AND I LOVE THAT! It all looks delish. I have heard of this place. Am I understanding that the food is provided by Soul Soup? So, it this Chef just doing the sandwiches? That is a bit odd for a new place, isn’t it?

    • I saw Carla from Soul Soup in the kitchen but there were other people going in and out of there so I don’t know if she’s doing all the food or if there are different people doing different items.

  2. I was going to say, that IS pricey for a soup and sandwich combo but you already brought it up at the end. Although your meal sounds new and delicious. I hardly eat anywhere on Jasper ave unless the place has it’s own parking cause I have 2 extra luggages with me…teehee.

    By the way, I changed your name to Ms. Brûlée on my post. And where can I get agar agar? Does it come in a bottle?

  3. Thanks for your post! I walked over with a co-worker for lunch Wednesday and had the same sandwich, while he went for the Calabrese. We both thought they were really good… I had similar issues mess wise with my sandwich. Ours came with potato chips and a small pile of radish slaw which was amazing. Great job!

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