Sabzy Persian Grill, Edmonton

A meeting on the south side and the opportunity for a solo lunch drew me over to Sabzy Persian Grill. I’ve heard a lot about Sabzy but haven’t had a chance to visit until just recently.

Sabzy Persian Grill

Sabzy Persian Grill

The outdoor patio (over on the west side of the building) looked inviting but since it was just me eating I opted for an indoor table. My order was a small version of one of their daily specials – the eggplant stew. (Apologies for the blurriness of the photo; I didn’t realize that I needed to retake the picture.) The stew came with a giant piece of tender eggplant, a number of pieces of flavourful chicken, and a preserved lemon, all placed on a bed of rice. I was warned not to take huge bites of the lemon, and it was for good reason. Instead of eating the lemon I squished it into my rice and over my chicken, giving the entire dish a pleasant tangy flavour.

It was a solid dish and service was very attentive. My only criticism is that I wish the eggplant had been cut up prior to being served.

eggplant stew

eggplant stew

Sabzy Persian Grill
10416 82 Avenue, Edmonton

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5 thoughts on “Sabzy Persian Grill, Edmonton

  1. You are quite the adventurer! The food looks flavourful, but I am not familiar with Persian food or the spice profile of it, so really have no idea of what it might have tasted like. I have also never tasted a preserved lemon. Did you have a bit of it? …. you say “with good reason” you were told only to take little bites. Was it horrid? I have been charmed enough by them to make some once – which I threw out… but, think I also had the wrong lemons… and maybe they were “good” as I have never had any. I didn’t like them at all.
    But I want to!

    • They’re pickled in salt, so you get a slightly salty/sour lemon taste. Biting into one was just as sour as biting into a regular lemon. I think most cooking uses preserved lemons in slices or just squeezes out a bit of the juice; I certainly didn’t expect to have a whole lemon in my bowl!

      They’re only for savory cooking, not for sweet baking.

      I’ve heard that using Meyer lemons can make it more mild. What kind did you use?

  2. Karina says:

    I have been to this Restaurant 4 or 5 times over the last 3 or 4 years, and every-time I ate there I was disappointed. The food didn’t taste good and the price was high for what it is.
    I will never go back again.

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