New World Chinese Restaurant, London

This is London’s Chinatown. Well, a part of it, at least. It was still decked out for Chinese New Year, and was taken at the end of February.

Chinatown, London, England

Chinatown, London, England

We were assured that we could get authentic dim sum over at New World Chinese Restaurant, so we headed over there one rainy day.

New World Chinese Restaurant

New World Chinese Restaurant

We were greeted and quickly seated at a table upstairs. And unfortunately that was the extent of the good customer service that we received for the rest of the meal. The serving staff were rude, indifferent, and at times completely ignored us even when we waved our hands frantically in the air and called out in Cantonese and Mandarin. This is one of those places where you feel like you will get better service if you get up and fill your teapot with hot water yourself. Food is served on traditional metal push carts.

dim sum

dim sum

The dim sum available was pretty standard – spring rolls, duck, noodles, eggplant and shrimp, pan fried dumplings, xlb, etc. The food was fine but not particularly outstanding. In fact, I probably could get equal or better dim sum here at home. It definitely did not compare with anything that you can get from Vancouver.

more dim sum

more dim sum

There was one standout dish though – the curried squid. It was battered, deep fried and served as a dry dish, unlike most curried squid that is found at dim sum restaurants, which is generally not battered or fried and is covered in curry sauce. The batter was crisp and wasn’t greasy, and the curry taste was strong without being overpowering.

curried squid

curried squid

New World Chinese Restaurant
1 Gerrard Place, London

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6 thoughts on “New World Chinese Restaurant, London

  1. What a feast! China town looked NOTHING like this when we were there. Nice to see how it looks during the holiday season. YUM!!!
    (See you tomorrow – I assume you got both messages I sent yesterday?)

  2. Andrew says:

    I’ve always found the service here excellent – if anything over attentive – and have eaten at the New World for many years, including when we lived in central London. Maybe you put them off with all your waving and shouting? North Americans sometimes find it hard to adapt to the UK.

    • You haven’t been around many Chinese people if you think we put them off with waving and shouting. lol

      We were with a UK person and a transplanted Londoner, so I am fairly sure that wasn’t the problem. And haven eaten dim sum in many different countries including Hong Kong, I have to say that ordering dim sum isn’t much different from country to country.

      That being said, this was one visit from a couple of years ago. People’s experiences certainly may vary from mine.

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