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I’ve been pretty busy lately, so I haven’t been posting as frequently as I had hoped. I am also behind in reading other blogs, so please bear with me!

News and events

  • I recently stopped at Famoso for a meal (lots of photos over at my review from 2009). The pizza was great as usual, but they’ve recently changed their gelato supplier from Edmonton’s Bueno Gelato to Calgary’s Fiasco Gelato. I tried two flavours – the blood orange sorbet and the banana chocolate gelato, and was disappointed. The sorbet was a little too icy and grainy, and didn’t have much blood orange flavour. The gelato, while creamy and smooth, had no banana taste whatsoever and I wasn’t crazy about the chocolate flavouring. This really surprised me; while I haven’t tried them in any of their Calgary locations, Fiasco ordinarily gets pretty good reviews from what I can tell.
  • Superstore is now selling bread made with Red Fife. There’s a $1 coupon that you can get if you want to try it out (expires July 16). When you click on the link, just skip to page 4 of their baking booklet. There are also coupons for other breads and cinnamon buns on that same page.
  • Liane Faulder at the Edmonton Journal has a blog post about a food writer’s tour of Alberta.
  • Gary at travel blog Everything Everywhere has started up Project Pringles – his effort to document every flavour of Pringles from all over the world. If you have a picture of a Pringles flavour, you should send it his way. (And yes, he’s right. They are everywhere. I even found Pringles in Morocco, but unfortunately I didn’t take a photo of them.)
  • World Cup fever – did you know that the Dutch wear orange because of purple carrots?
  • And more on the World Cup – the “Oracle Octopus” could end up as dinner if German fans have any say.
  • Russian Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko is in hot water after spending a lot of money on breakfasts during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Maybe he’s a hobbit who needs breakfast, second breakfast and elevenses?
  • Jeffrey Steingarten interviewed Gwyneth Paltrow for Vogue magazine – she’s coming out with a “cooking for families” cookbook later this year. The best line from the article has to be “Our conversation was not much different from what it would have been if Gwyneth were a longtime food friend, except that Gwyneth is nicer than most of my food friends.” You can see a bunch of photos of Gwyneth’s kitchen(s) and read an edited version of the article on the Vogue website.
  • Fast Company did a feature on innovative U.S. cities, and a couple of cities caught my eye – New York’s urban farms and Portland’s farm-fresh food.
  • And lastly, check out Beer and Butter Tarts, a Canadian food and drink blog aggregator. I recently added my blog to the list!

News and events

Too many things going on right now. Between work and trip planning and events, I haven’t had much time for myself, let alone to think about the blog other than to write up posts as quickly as I am able.

Free pork

Despite the cold wind and the potential rain/snow, I decided to trudge over to the Legislature for a free pulled pork sandwich, courtesy of the Alberta pork industry.

There was a surprisingly long line. And they ran out of food, but they quickly had more delivered. I arrived late enough to miss the speeches (on purpose), but they were still promoting pork by sticking Canadian pork – porc Canadien stickers on people’s jackets and handing out recipe books. I would have preferred free pork chops, but I guess we all can’t get what we want. A free sandwich and a drink is still a pretty good freebie.

The pulled pork was catered by the Sawmill and was doused with a basic bbq sauce.

pulled pork

pulled pork

And just to be clear, people are catching H1N1 (a.k.a. the swine flu) from other people, not from eating pork. Just ’cause it has “swine” in the name  doesn’t mean it comes from pigs.

News and links

L&W Family Restaurant – Jasper, Alberta

This weekend I took a drive to the Rocky Mountains – specifically to a little town called Jasper, Alberta.

The Rocky Mountains in Jasper, Alberta

The Rocky Mountains in Jasper, Alberta

For dinner we wanted somewhere casual and not too pricey, and after some research on my part we decided to grab some pizza and burgers over at Lou Lou’s Pizzeria. Unfortunately for us, Lou Lou’s was closed and the lights were off, although through the window you could see working coolers holding bottles of pop. We later found out that they had moved down the street to a new location. It was disappointing that they did not place a sign on the door of the old location to notify people where they were.

With our first choice gone, we decided to head to the L&W Family Restaurant; partially because we could get a 10% discount because we were staying at a certain hotel, and partially because it seemed like a place that could accommodate a relatively large group.

L&W Family Restaurant, Rocky Mountains in the background

L&W Family Restaurant, Rocky Mountains in the background

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Fay’s Diner, Highway 2

When you think of road food, you think of diners and truck stops; places that serve greasy burgers and filling, but fattening food.

On Alberta’s Highway 2, driving north between Camrose and Edmonton, is a little place called Fay’s Diner. Inside is a bar-style counter with stools, a mismatched kitchen, and a large cooler selling Foothills Creamery ice cream.

I had actually stopped there for a potty break at the official facilities next door, and decided to pop in for a quick snack.

A quick look at the menu convinced me to go for some fries and gravy. My fries were decent, but I would have preferred them to be crispier. The gravy threw me back to the kind that I ate back in high school, so I was happy there. So much so that I ate them the way everyone in my high school did; loaded with gravy, ketchup, pepper and salt. (I usually don’t bother with the salt as I find most fries have more than enough salt for me.) It looks like a huge mess, but it’s delish.

Another patron ordered a cheese burger and it looked pretty decent; plenty of lettuce, tomatoes, etc.

The real appeal of the place wasn’t the food though. It was the atmosphere. Slightly grumpy servers/cooks, well-used counter tops, TV blaring in the corner, and photos/autographs of singers, politicians and local TV newscasters on one wall completed the authentic aged diner chic. No Johnny Rockets mini-jukeboxes or brand new formica tables to be found here. The only thing that would have completed the experience would have been super fantastic road food that I could rave about. Ah well, I guess you can’t have everything.

Fays Diner, exterior

Fay's Diner, side exterior

Fays Diner, front exterior

Fay's Diner, front exterior

Pre-gravy fries

Pre-gravy fries