BLT Burger, Las Vegas

Later in the week we made a last minute decision to pick up some lunch at another “fancy” chef-owned burger place, BLT Burger located in the Mirage. This decision wasn’t fueled by a burger craving, but more as a way to erase (or at least make me feel better) about my not-so-hot experience over at the Burger Bar.

The “BLT” in the name stands for “Bistro Laurent Tourondel.” The atmosphere is modern and yet retro at the same time; each table had an old fashioned diner-style, and the servers were dressed in a casual uniform of BLT branded t-shirts with sayings on the back like “Tip waiters not cows.” Instead of hiding the cook-top, they treated the overhead vent as a display piece and have the cook-top surrounded by bar-style seating. (I didn’t take a photo but you can see the decor over here.)

We were seated right away because the restaurant, while busy, was quite large. They play their music very loud (probably to drown out the casino noises!), and our server was cheery and helpful.

BLT Burger placemat

BLT Burger placemat

This time, I was absolutely determined to have meat.

BLT’s burgers are a mix of Black Angus sirloin, short rib, chuck and brisket.They have a number of add-on toppings like portobello mushrooms, fried eggs, and homemade chili, as well as a number of alcoholic and non-alcoholic milkshakes.

I decided on the “Shaft’s Blue,” which was a grilled 7 oz patty served with Shaft’s Blue Vein Cheese, balsamic caramelized onion and mushrooms, with a big pickle on the side. And I ordered it cooked medium – which is something you can’t get at restaurants here.

Sweet potato fries and Shafts Blue burger

Sweet potato fried and Shaft's Blue burger

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The Hat Resto Pub, Edmonton

I had some appointments after work one day and decided to stop for dinner at The Hat Resto Pub in between appointments. I’ve been meaning to visit since they opened in October 2008, but there never seemed to be a right moment to pop in there until now.

The Hat is in the location of the original Silk Hat restaurant – an old greasy spoon diner that used to be the oldest restaurant in Edmonton and was open from 1912 until it closed in June 2007. Instead of the Silk Hat’s salisbury steak and liver and onions, however, the new Hat specializes in gourmet burgers.


Interior - with blurry faces!

The inside is very different from the old restaurant, yet at the same time it reminds you of the old place. The layout of the restaurant is similar to the old layout – the bar is in the same place, and the floor is the same, except refinished. It looks like they kept the old kitchen door too, which fits nicely with the brand new decor. I liked how they meshed the old with the new.

kitchen door

kitchen door

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