Shumka Ukrainian Foods, Edmonton

Growing up in Alberta, it’s hard not to be exposed to Ukranian foods. In elementary school we even went to the Cheemo perogy factory for a tour and free samples. That sure was a fun school day.

Shumka Ukrainian Foods has had a location inside Kingway Garden Mall’s food court as far back as I can remember. Over the years they’ve branched out; first they started to sell frozen perogies and other items. More recently in the last few years they opened up a small restaurant in the north end of the city. A family member told me about a family meal deal they had at the north end location, so back in January I thought I’d check it out.

As you can see by the photo, there are a lot of items that come with the meal. You can adjust the amounts of each item depending on your personal taste. Clockwise starting on the far left, I ordered perogies, nalysnyky (a Ukrainian crepe with dill and cheese, pronounced na-lish-na-key) and cabbage rolls. Each meal also gets a choice of meat such as the kobassa sausage (far right) or chicken. I also added a side of sauerkraut, sour cream for the perogies, and tomato sauce for the cabbage rolls.

Shumka meal

Shumka meal

The food tasted exactly like the ones served at the mall location, which made me a happy camper. Too bad this kind of meal isn’t something I can eat all the time!

Shumka Ukrainian Foods

(2 locations)

Namao Centre, 16520-95 St.
Edmonton, Alberta

Kingsway Garden Mall, 109 St. & Princess Elizabeth Ave.
Edmonton, Alberta

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