News and links

Just a short, quick post today.

  • Ferrán Adrià asked to help improve Spanish tourism
  • Article for food bloggers – How & Why You Should Work with Food PR – some avoid it but some seek it out. Which one are you?
  • New places opening locally – southside Mikado, southside Chez Cora… am still waiting for the downtown HealthFare to open! When I walked past there last week the place had been gutted and construction was happening inside.
  • Like many local food bloggers I also got an e-mail from Culina about their $75 Molto Local harvest wine dinner on October 18. I’m busy that day (and on a boot camp diet) and I can’t go, but like Chris I wish there was an option for without the wine as I don’t really drink.
  • And lastly, this Saturday is the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival (a.k.a. Mooncake Festival). I was super excited to find two different brands of lower calorie/lower sugar moon cakes while shopping at T&T. Expect a review of one brand on Saturday!