A slow simmer with Top Chef Canada contestant Clayton Beadle

Clayton Beadle was eliminated in a surprise double elimination episode featuring Canadian cheese. This interview is a little late due to scheduling issues, but here it is now for your reading pleasure!

Top Chef Canada - Clayton Beadle (photo courtesy of Food Network Canada/Insight Productions)

Top Chef Canada - Clayton Beadle (photo courtesy of Food Network Canada/Insight Productions)

Why did you decide to apply to be on Top Chef Canada?

I applied for Top Chef just for the simple reason of finding out where I compare against other Canadian chefs. I also did it for my Mom who was the one who brought the show to my attention.

What surprised you most about the competition?

The sheer fact at how fast the time goes by when you have a task to complete and your life depends on it.

Did you learn anything from your experience?

Absolutely, I think we all became better chefs in the end. Being involved in something like Top Chef Canada brings out aspects of each one of us that we probably hadn’t seen yet, from handling extreme pressure to creating something way out of our everyday cooking realm.

What special items did you bring from home to help you in the competition?

I brought an immersion circulator for doing sous-vide but I didn’t get the chance to use it.

Did you do anything special to prepare you for Top Chef?

Nothing can really prepare you for the show except good skills attained over many hard years spent in the kitchen. But watching the previous series helped.

Why did you choose to make the cheese dish that you presented in the Quickfire challenge?

I made that dish because Mark had mentioned that he liked this specific cheese melted on toast in the morning. I took that idea and ran with it, putting my own spin on it. But I made a fatal technical error on the sauce when it crystallized.

What went through your mind when it was announced that it was a high stakes Quickfire challenge, and that there would be an elimination?

That was probably the single most terrifying moment I experienced on the show. But I just accepted it and planned what my next move would be. And I think that the dish I produced was excellent and should have kept me in the competition.

Do you think that your age and level of experience hindered you at all in the competition?

Maybe but at the end of the day I still made it on the show and I plan on taking it on again. Age shouldn’t have played a role in my opinion, we were all there because we are great at what we do.

Any future plans that you’d like to share?

Just travel the world on the most epic cooking adventure ever. I’d like to visit Spain, Italy, and Thailand to learn the culinary secrets the hold.

Other than your own establishment, name one of your favorite places to eat.

Samurai Sushi here in Whistler, Harajuku Isakaya another Japanese place here in Whistler and I am definitely looking forward to eating in Dale’s new restaurant Ensemble opening soon in Vancouver.

Any last comments?

You haven’t seen the last of me yet, I WILL be back.

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