Fun Friday

Merry Christmas!

Did Santa leave some half-eaten cookies behind this morning? These clever little cookie cutters by Fred give you the same ABC (already been chewed) effect, sans real teeth marks.

ABC Cookies by Fred

ABC Cookies by Fred

Getting ready for Christmas

I went shopping on the weekend to get some things ready for Christmas. You’d think that cookie cutters would be something that everyone kept in their kitchenware aisle, especially during this time of year, right? Nope. I went to 4 different places before I found any cookie cutters. Even Home Outfitters, who describe themselves as a kitchen, bed and bath store, didn’t have any. They did have more kinds of spatulas and graters than I could count though. Ridiculous. I finally tracked some down at Winners (the Canadian version of T.J. Maxx) in a little discarded corner of their kitchenware area.