Tropika, Edmonton

I recently stopped at Tropika for a meal, and picked a few things off their menu to share.

Unlike in Malaysia, these portions are quite large. An order of Singapore laksa (made with what looks like a red curry as opposed to a yellow curry) can feed 2-4 people. The flavour of it was good but it was disappointing to find that the majority of the bowl was made up of noodles. It would have been nice to have more sliced of fish cake, tofu puffs, shrimp and bean sprouts.

Singapore laksa

Singapore laksa

Their roti canai is light and fluffy; I would say lighter and fluffier than the ones I ate in Malaysia. The accompanying curry sauce is, like their laksa, more of a red curry than yellow. Their satays (chicken and lamb pictured here) are seasoned well and come with a dish of spicy peanut sauce, pineapple and cucumber. The peanut sauce is probably the best part of this dish.

roti canai and satay

roti canai and satay

Tropika is pretty much the only Malaysian restaurant in Edmonton. I wish there were more choices, but you make due with what you’ve got! I tend to stick to a few specific dishes such as the ones I ordered, or perhaps picking up some mee goreng instead of a laksa. Their pineapple fried rice, served in half of a pineapple, is a great dish for kids or for adults who are looking for something without heat. If you want to try Malaysian food, I would suggest going to Tropika (and staying away from the Thai dishes as there are better places to have Thai food in Edmonton), or try the handful of Malaysian dishes over at Matahari on 124 st.

6004-104 Street
Edmonton, AB
14921 Stony Plain Road
Edmonton, AB

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BBQs and cucumbers

Last night I was at my Dad’s place and helped him get the food ready for a BBQ dinner: pork chops, smokies, and vegetable skewers.

He insisted that I add cucumbers to the skewers along with the green peppers, cherry tomatoes and mushrooms. My response was to screw up my face and say, “You don’t put cucumbers on the BBQ!”

Don’t get me wrong; I love cucumbers. They’re great in salads, in dips, or pickled. I’ll eat them plain or sprinkled with a touch of salt anytime. But BBQ? I knew this wouldn’t end well.

The rest of the veggies turned out great. The cucumbers were warm and bitter. My sister took one bite and it looked like she wanted to throw up. I managed to choke it down but I wasn’t happy about it. Next time, if he wants BBQ’ed cucumber Dad can have it all to himself.