Fatburger, Edmonton

One of the problems (and sometimes a benefit) of living somewhere that is not one of the bigger cities (Vancouver, Toronto, New York, etc.) is that you don’t always get local locations of big chain stores or restaurants.

I heard about Fatburger a few years ago when doing some research for a trip to Las Vegas, but didn’t have enough time to make it one of my stops at the time. So when I heard that the first Fatburger here had opened back in December, I put it on my “to-do” list.

The line up was long, even though it was a weekday and the location is at the edge of the city (next to Ikea), far from the tradional lunch time office crowds.

The place is designed to look like a retro 1950s burger joint, complete with a jukebox. All beef burgers are made with AAA Alberta beef, and everything looked like it was cooked to order.

Fatburger lemonade

Fatburger lemonade

The lemonade was from a fountain, but the restaurant provided lemon on the side to add additional flavour. Continue reading