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First, a few administrative details. I’ve moved a few things around on my website – links to other food blogs and websites can be found on a page of it’s own, accessible from the sidebar or from a link at the top of any web page. I added a few new links in there, so I encourage you to have a look and see if there’s anything that’s new to you. Also, if you have a look at the sidebar, you can also now sign up for e-mail updates.

Okay, enough blabbing. Let’s get to the news and links.

News and links

Just a short, quick post today.

  • Ferrán Adrià asked to help improve Spanish tourism
  • Article for food bloggers – How & Why You Should Work with Food PR – some avoid it but some seek it out. Which one are you?
  • New places opening locally – southside Mikado, southside Chez Cora… am still waiting for the downtown HealthFare to open! When I walked past there last week the place had been gutted and construction was happening inside.
  • Like many local food bloggers I also got an e-mail from Culina about their $75 Molto Local harvest wine dinner on October 18. I’m busy that day (and on a boot camp diet) and I can’t go, but like Chris I wish there was an option for without the wine as I don’t really drink.
  • And lastly, this Saturday is the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival (a.k.a. Mooncake Festival). I was super excited to find two different brands of lower calorie/lower sugar moon cakes while shopping at T&T. Expect a review of one brand on Saturday!

News and links

Haven’t done one of these in a while! I’ve been saving up a bunch of links to share, so enjoy. 🙂

Cdn chefs hot under collar that book on top culinary talent includes no Canucks

The Great Food Revolution: A Citizen’s Guide to Eating in the 21st Century – review of part 3 and 4

Part three and four of the Great Food Revolution was broadcast on the CBC yesterday.

First of all, I have to say I’m ticked off at the CBC’s contest. They changed the contest question for the 2nd week. But the 1st week’s answer was in the 2nd week’s episodes! How on earth was anyone supposed to enter last week?!

The 3rd part of this was “24 Hours, 24 Million Meals: Feeding New York,” and followed some of the many suppliers, vendors, servers, cooks, etc. who feed NYC every day. I liked that this episode had a more focused topic, even though it jumped from person to person. From fishmongers to truffle hunters to feeding the poor, they covered quite a bit. And wow, a 20 million banana shipment! It’s hard to even fully comprehend that many bananas in one place at one moment. Oh and look, there’s the answer to last week’s contest question.

The 4th part was “Food of the Future,” and like the 1st part of this series touched on a number of different subjects related to future trends, rather than focusing a bit more on certain topics. Like that other episode, to me it felt like there wasn’t enough depth and detail dedicated to each item and instead they were just touched on like a quick news story rather than a feature.

My thoughts while watching this part:

  • Did not realize there was molecular gastronomy research being done in Vancouver.
  • Mmm jellyfish.
  • Oh lordy, they’re talking about food bloggers! And Chowhound!

All in all, not a bad series. But the promotion (and cross-promotion) could have been done much, much better.