Ayikarley’s Kitchen booth

My friend’s sister’s catering company, Ayikarley’s Kitchen, has a booth at the Strathcona Farmer’s Market, every Saturday from January 3rd  to February 28th. If you want to try some Ghanian home cooking, now’s your chance!

Ayikarley’s Kitchen

Ayikarley’s Kitchen full spreadThe sister of a friend opened up a brand new catering company here in Edmonton, and I was lucky enough to snag an invite to the launch party. Ayikarley’s Kitchen serves up authentic Ghanaian cooking. The proprietor, Ellen, is building up her list of dishes and has a wonderfully bubbly personality.

Plantains look like bananas but are more firm and aren’t as sweet as bananas. They require cooking, and Ayikarley’s Kitchen fried some up to start off the meal. It was hard to resist snacking on these things.
Freshly cooked plantains cooking plantains

Peanut butter soupPeanut butter soup with crab and smoked fish
This was probably my favourite dish of the evening. The soup was light, but filling, and I somehow managed to have a whole catfish head in my serving. Mmmm fish heads are yummy!
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