Feuding chefs, part 2

The Gordon Ramsay – Marcus Wareing fight that I talked about previously has gotten a new twist. It seems that Wareing’s Pétrus at the Berkeley Hotel (soon to be renamed to Marcus Wareing at the Berkeley after he takes full control on September 15th) restaurant has toppled Ramsay’s main restaurant for top billing in the Harden’s guide to restaurants in the London. What’s next, another Michelin star?

Feuding chefs

This morning during a break from work I almost swore in surprise at my computer because of this blog entry from the Guardian: http://blogs.guardian.co.uk/food/2008/07/are_top_chefs_trained_to_be_di.html

Holy crap. I thought all of Gordon Ramsay’s people were loyal little soldiers. What makes this even more interesting is that I’ve actually met Marcus Wareing.

Last fall, while on vacation in London, I really wanted to go to a Gordon Ramsay restaurant. I’m a big fan of his UK Kitchen Nightmares (not the US version, that one’s horrible), and have a “I know this is bad but I can’t look away” relationship with Hell’s Kitchen. Plus, I wanted to try a Michelin starred restaurant to see what all the fuss was about. Continue reading