Fun Friday

Mario Batali is hiring, and he did a cross-promotion video with to advertise for the job. Definitely an interesting marketing concept.

Fennel and blood orange salad

I have a confession to make. I am a subscriber of Gwyneth Paltrow’s oddly named GOOP e-newsletter. Now in my defence, it’s not because I love her acting or anything (she’s okay but not my favourite). I actually signed up for the entertainment factor because I’m easily amused by her Martha/Oprah wanna-be efforts.

So here’s another confession – on Saturday I made one of the newsletter’s recipes, based on a Mario Batali dish. And it was really good! This recipe lets me use two ingredients I’ve never cooked or baked with before – blood oranges and fennel.

I picked up a bag of blood oranges during my Costco trip from the previous weekend and immediately started searching my cookbooks and saved recipes for something good to make. A quick trip to the grocery store last night netted me some fresh fennel. This salad is crisp and clean tasting, and is a refreshing change from regular salads. It’s probably not the cheapest salad to make, although I guess you could substitute the blood oranges for regular navel oranges or maybe even mandarin oranges.

Fennel and blood orange salad

Fennel and blood orange salad

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TV food shows

Fox plans Gordon Ramsay cook-along

This will be a US version of the cook-along he did in the UK (hopefully with less bleeping and yelling than they get him to do in the US versions of Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares, but it’s Fox so I’m sure they’ll urge him to freak out some how for the entertainment value). Based on what happened in the UK cook-along though, I’m not sure I’d want to do it. Sure, the stuff he makes on the F Word looks pretty good, but on the UK cook-along, his “70s-inspired menu of prawn cocktail, steak diane and mandarin cheesecake” did not sound appealing whatsoever.

The next season of Hell’s Kitchen is starting soon as well. It looks like the contestants all actually have food backgrounds this time, so hopefully it will be better than last season where I lost interest in who won or lost.

And speaking of cooking competitions, last night’s Top Chef was hilarious. The look on Stefan’s face was priceless!

One last link – Jay Rayner risks a night on the town with Mario Batali.