Culina Highlands, Edmonton

For Mother’s Day, I treated my mom to a brunch at Culina Highlands. I’ve been wanting to try this place for a while now, and unfortunately never did make it there when the location was a previous restaurant named Bacon. Having been to Culina Mill Creek before, however, I knew that I could expect some good quality food.

Like their sister Mill Creek location, Culina Highlands is a small venue. It’s quite warm and comfortable, and with the sun shining through the large windows the place was nicely lit up. Many people ate out back since it was such a nice day.

tea and water

tea and water

For drinks we were served water in a wine bottle, just like they do in Culina Mill Creek. I ordered a pineapple, coconut and rooibos tea from local store Cally’s Teas, and my mom was given a complimentary Prosecco mimosa. The mimosa was very tasty and had a good balance of wine and orange juice. The tea wasn’t bad; you could taste a hint of coconut and fruitiness but otherwise it didn’t stand out to me compared to other teas I’ve had in the past.

Prosecco mimosa

Prosecco mimosa

Mom had a very filling tofu scramble with spicy tomato sauce, mushrooms, quinoa, chickpeas and cashew cheese served with vegan toast. The quinoa gave the scramble a nice texture and the whole mix tasted vaguely of curry. The toast was slightly crisp and was very light.

tofu scramble

tofu scramble

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Happy Mother’s Day

Today I’m taking my mom out for brunch. Over the past few years we’ve tried different spots – a buffet at the Chateau Louis (mmm perogies), and more recently one year at Cafe DeVille and another year at the old Manor Cafe. This year I’m surprising her with a visit to Culina Highlands – photos to come.

So what did you do for Mother’s Day?

Happy Mother’s Day to all of those out there!

News and links

I didn’t mean to do another one of these so soon, but I haven’t had time to finish some longer entries that I’ve been working on, and I came across a bunch of interesting things in the past two days. Enjoy!

If you live in Canada don’t forget that today is the last day to send in your taxes!

And lastly, if you need to book a reservation for Mother’s Day (May 10) it would be a good idea to do it now if you haven’t already. Thus ends today’s public service announcement.