News and events

I’ve been pretty busy lately, so I haven’t been posting as frequently as I had hoped. I am also behind in reading other blogs, so please bear with me!

Life is an adventure

I’m off for a little rest and relaxation. But I’ve left you some posts to tide you over while I’m gone, so don’t be alarmed if you comment or send me an e-mail and I don’t reply!

News and links

First, a few administrative details. I’ve moved a few things around on my website – links to other food blogs and websites can be found on a page of it’s own, accessible from the sidebar or from a link at the top of any web page. I added a few new links in there, so I encourage you to have a look and see if there’s anything that’s new to you. Also, if you have a look at the sidebar, you can also now sign up for e-mail updates.

Okay, enough blabbing. Let’s get to the news and links.

Fun Friday

Today is the opening of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. And as today is also a very auspicious 8-8-08 number, I thought I’d find something about Chinese food to share on today’s Fun Friday.

China’s Chinese food