Leaving on a jet plane

By the time you read this, I will be on my way to Sin City for a long awaited holiday. I had grand plans to write up blog posts and schedule them throughout the week for you to read, but things kept coming up and I’m not finished my packing yet so instead The Brûlée Blog is going on hiatus for a week or so. There’s a Fun Friday post already scheduled for you though, so you won’t go into total withdrawal. Oh, and to whet your appetite for all the posts to come once I return, here’s a clue about one of the places I have a reservation – it’s owned by the guy who helped Pixar make all the food in Ratatouille.

Fun Friday

After I first watched this movie in the theatre, I had to go eat something as I was STARVING. They did a great job at making CG food look real. Probably helped that they had Thomas Keller as a consultant too….