Fun Friday

Japanese commercials are odd. And funny. Surprisingly short as well; wish advertising here was that short!

Pocky-loving zombies doing a vaguely Irish/Scottish inspired dance. (Pocky‘s a chocolate covered cookie, in case you didn’t know.)

A series of Fanta commercials, with English sub-titles.

And lastly, a Japanese/Thai tea commercial.

More milk recalls

So Hong Kong announced that they’ve found melamine in some Pocky and Lotte Koala Biscuits (Koala shaped cookies with chocolate cream inside) too. Is there no Asian snack food that is safe anymore?? (Other than dried squid and preserved plums, I mean.)

I still haven’t thrown out my milk tea yet. Every time I open that cupboard I see the giant bright yellow boxes sitting there. I know they’re mocking me. I know I should throw them out, but deep down I keep waiting (in vain) to hear that the tests were a mistake and that my boxes are perfectly fine. Go ahead, you can mock me too.

Hong Kong Centre for Food Safety – melamine tests