Food photography tutorial

Steamy Kitchen linked to this food photography tutorial today. It’s fairly detailed and I agree with everything said in that blog posting except for one thing – I see nothing wrong with buying a lens kit with a SLR camera.

I first bought my SLR because I found I was taking a lot of (non-food) photos and was interested in moving up a level in my technique and equipment. It’s a big investment and a big jump to go from a little point and shoot to a camera worth over $1000 and lenses worth hundreds of dollars.

Sure, I could have bought just the basic body and paid less, but when I started factoring in the costs of basic lenses it made more sense for me to go with a package deal that included two lenses and the body. The two lenses that came in my package have taught me a lot about good (and bad) photography.

If I was to buy another camera today, I would likely buy a much higher level SLR with a larger variety of lenses. But that’s only because I have this past experience with a SLR and have enough knowledge now. Would I have been able to move to the higher level SLRs after having only used a point and shoot? No way. It took me a good year before I was relatively comfortable with taking my current camera outside where it could get wet, dirty, or scratched. I’m still learning things about my photography and my camera, so I’m going to stick with mine for at least a year or two more. I only just recently bought an extended flash for my camera, and I won’t even look at what new cameras are coming out because I don’t want to be tempted to upgrade.

There’s no point in shelling out all that money if you’re too scared or inexperienced to use the camera. Buy what you’re comfortable with, excel at using it, and then move on.

Yes I’m still here

Got back from my trip at the beginning of June, and have been hammered by horrible jet lag and a cold that has lasted for three weeks and counting. Thank goodness I only got sick after I came home, instead of during the trip. Oh, and I started a brand new job.

But I didn’t forget you, dear food blog. I have lots of foodie stuff to share! Stuff to look forward to include: spicy curries, lots of food on a stick, and a post about a new caterer in town. To quote a friend who looked at a few of my vacation pictures, “Why do you have so many pictures of food?” Stay tuned!