North end Edmonton construction

There’s quite a bit of food-related construction happening in the north end of town. The biggest news is probably the T & T Supermarket that is being built in North Town Centre (97 St and 137 Ave). They recently put up a banner looking for employees, but when I took the photo they had taken it down for some reason. Gossip is rampant among the different Asian communities in this end of town; I first heard about this expansion probably about 1 1/2 to 2 years ago. Last summer a friend told me confidentially that there was going to be an expansion and I had to admit that I knew about it already. And apparently there’s going to be bubble tea too!

T & T construction

T & T construction

That whole shopping mall is going through a well deserved renovation, which meant the demolition of the inside of the mall itself and the conversion of the place into a strip mall power centre. The additions include a Starbucks, a Mucho Burrito, and as of yet unopened locations of an Indigo Books and a Bed, Bath and Beyond (which I think, based on their website, is the first Canadian location outside of Ontario).

Oxford strip mall

Oxford strip mall

In Castledowns, the new Save-On-Foods grocery store in Oxford (corner of 127 St and 153 Ave) has been relatively busy. I can foresee that strip mall getting even busier as they finish construction there. The new Subway and Starbucks has been open for a little while now. I didn’t even know that the Original Joe’s restaurant was already open until I took the photo on May 5th. There will also be branches of Taco Del Mar, and more excitedly (at least for me) are the Marble Slab Creamery signs that I saw in one of the stores.

Oxford construction

Oxford construction

Bubble tea, ice cream and nachos, oh my! I can feel the calories adding up already.

News and links

Links galore and some thoughts on Top Chef

Top Chef – You know, at first I didn’t like Carla but she totally grew on me and I’m hoping she wins the whole thing. Glad Gail is back; Toby was irritating. And I totally thought the other person would get kicked out of the final, but I guess past performance was a factor.

Only Here for the Food has a great interview with Chef Rob Feenie.

The Downtown Business Association has posted their Downtown Dining Week info ahead of time (for once) , including menus. (Interesting that the information is only posted on their home page, and not on a separate Dining Week page. And there are no cross links to the info when you click on Dining or Events. Obviously they need some tutoring when it comes to marketing and the web. At least this time I didn’t have to e-mail them a week before the event and ask where the restaurant listings were.) Meals are $15/$25/$50 per person and run from March 6-15. On a few menus that I clicked on, lunches were generally $15 while dinners were all an astounding $50! Not much savings for the dinner choice. At least there’s a better choice of restaurants this time around. (Although I have to say, the Spaghetti Factory? Srsly?)

eggbeater has a post on vegan baking and substitutions.

Edmonton Journal interview with Mark Bittman and on eating less meat.

If you’re a fan of the Watchmen, you might be interested picking up some limited edition Nite Owl dark roast coffee.

And speaking of coffee, Starbucks has some interesting package design for their new instant coffee, the VIA Ready Brew.

Mark Bittman in the NY Times on breakfast alternatives.

Frank Bruni in the NY Times gave Susur Lee’s new restaurant Shang a single star rating (ratings are 0 to 5). Ouch. Other reviews have been mixed. Does this mean he should have stayed in Toronto?