Two more low sugar and sugar-free cookies

Sugar-free Chocolate and Jam Cookies

Sugar-free Chocolate and Jam Cookies

This will be the 2nd last post about Christmas cookies. I’m so close to the end of them that I can almost taste it!

After the epic failure of the sugar-free shortbread, I tried a couple of other low sugar and sugar-free recipes.

The first one was sugar-free chocolate cookie recipe, made with jam. Unfortunately I had a hard time finding sugar-free jam for some strange reason, and ended up using a “no sugar added” jam instead. Not ideal, but not bad for a diabetic. Continue reading

Sugar-free shortbread

Zero shortbread

Zero shortbread

One person who received a cookie tin this past Christmas is diabetic and needed cookies that could be dipped into coffee and was completely sugar-free if at all possible. I dislike Splenda, so when I saw Wholesome Sweeteners’ Organic Zero sugar substitute at a visit to Planet Organic, I thought it would be a perfect substitute. Zero is actually erythritol – a natural sugar alcohol that is marketed as a zero calorie product (actually 0.2 calories per gram).

Erythritol can cause a minty flavour when mixed with water or chocolate. It is also not as sweet tasting as sugar, so if you’re using it and looking for the same sweetness you have to add more erythritol.

It was hard to find a recipe that used only just erythritol; most mixed it in with Splenda or other sugar substitutes. I was happy to find a shortbread recipe on the actual Wholesome Sweetener web site.

I ended up having to toss the whole thing.

I followed the recipe to the letter, except that I used whole wheat all-purpose flour instead of white. In both taste and texture, the baked cookies tasted nothing like shortbread. Instead, it was more like bread or more moist oatcakes. They weren’t sweet at all. In fact, they were pretty bland. These weren’t going to work at all.

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