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Have you recovered from Christmas yet? Ready for New Year’s? I’ve had a pretty good holiday so far. Lots of eating, lots of visiting with family and friends, lots of sleeping. And I got some great food books too, which I’m looking forward to reading through.

Link time!

The Blue Pear sent around an e-mail saying that they will be offering a new “Baby Blue Pear” 3-course meal option (soup or salad, main course and dessert chosen from their 5-course menu). And, it’s only available for 5-6 pm reservations and Sunday evenings. No price was listed. (Edited to add: Price is $59, thanks to a post on Chowhound.)

Canadian TV food personality and cookbook author Laura Calder got a James Beard Foundation Awards nomination!

The Guardian’s Jay Rayner reviews the new Pot Noodle (instant ramen) flavour – doner kebab. Ew.

Serious Eats started an interesting series on reducing food costs and cooking meals with a friend (and using the results for later meals).

Choosy Beggars wrote about 5 ways to enjoy unwelcome beer.

Liane Faulder wrote about the Wecan Food Basket Society. Sounds like a fantastic idea that I would love to participate in, but their hours are all during the work day and there’s no way I could get to the locations which close at 5 p.m. or 6 p.m., or even drop off my order during their opening hours.

The West Michigan Whitecaps recently unveiled their new stadium menu, featuring a 4489 calorie, 1.66 pound burger. Can we all say heart attack?

And finally, a bit of promo on my part – the Serious Eats pizza blog, Slice, linked to my Famoso post.

The Blue Pear, Edmonton

Ever so slowly, I am trying all the “good” restaurants around the city. It’s kind of an expensive hobby though, so most of the time these visits are regulated to special occasion events.

With this in mind, I made a special request to my mother. Instead of buying expensive Christmas presents that sit around and gather dust, I asked to be taken out for dinner at The Blue Pear. This is a somewhat unique restaurant in Edmonton. The menu is seasonal and changes every month or two. They have a small dining room and reservations fill up quickly. The menu is a five-course set dinner at $85 per person (not including tax, tip, or drinks), where you can choose your meal from a limited number of appetizers, entrees and desserts. You also order a side dish of Atlantic lobster tail or seared grade A foie gras for an extra charge.

Exterior of The Blue Pear, with snow covering the name and a fuzzy shot of the neon pear above the door.

Exterior of The Blue Pear, with snow covering the name and a fuzzy shot of the neon pear above the door.

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