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I’ve been reading a lot more Twitter feeds lately and along with my regular website surfing, I have a bunch of various links saved from @Atlantic_Food, @foodtvdotca and @CBCfoodbytes.

Food news from around the world

The secrets of successful food blogging, from SXSW via Twitter.

Meat Madness – vote and watch your favourite proteins face off, bracket-style.

Cyrus causes salmonella – sorry, couldn’t resist. Disney’s Hannah Montana Peanut Chocolate Granola Bars are being recalled though.

Toronto launches (possibly unnecessary) project to expand street food offerings.

Researchers question the benefit of eating so much fish.

McDonald’s Canada cancels the Shamrock Shake, and launches the Mac Snack Wrap (a.k.a. a Big Mac without the bun).

Shiitake mushrooms and green tea may fight breast cancer according to study of Chinese women.

If you haven’t read it by now, read Incanto’s letter Shock & Foie: The War Against Dietary Self-Determinism (the restaurant where Chris Cosentino is chef).

Beautifully written food and family memory from Gourmet’s Francis Lam. This is more like the Hong Kong I remember, rather than the Hong Kong I saw last spring.

Selected tweets from the live chat (incl. typos!)

bruleeblog Question for the chef – how does he feel about food bloggers doing reviews and the effect it has on restaurants? #naitchef -9:05 AM Jan 28th, 2009

NAIT @bruleeblog #naitchef You’re question will be on the air I hope & they will mention your blog -9:41 AM Jan 28th, 2009

NAIT @bruleeblog #naitchef You’re question will be on the air I hope & they will mention your blog -9:41 AM Jan 28th, 2009

Yay me! 🙂
NAIT @bruleeblog You win our second cookbook for making it to air! #naitchef I’ll get your contact later. -9:49 AM Jan 28th, 2009

When asked for food recs: NAIT @GuitarKat tuna tataki & tomato & gin soup & tenderloin & potato pave & dessert anything chocolate #naitchef -10:13 AM Jan 28th, 2009

Question regarding photography in restaurants: NAIT @mastermaq he thinks clients come first and if they want to -great! #naitchef -10:16 AM Jan 28th, 2009

NAIT A couple of Rob’s chefs work for Gordon Ramsay now #naitchef -10:38 AM Jan 28th, 2009

NAIT Talking about students going into cooking not for the fame, but for a passion for cooking…so important #naitchef -10:44 AM Jan 28th, 2009

NAIT Rob picked Morimoto for Iron Chef because of his Japanese specialty, not because he was the toughest #naitchef -10:48 AM Jan 28th, 2009

When asked about more TV shows or solo restaurants: NAIT @bruleeblog tv yes, future in restaurants connected to @cactusclubcafe #naitchef -11:18 AM Jan 28th, 2009

One ingredient he could not cook without: NAIT @NAITCareers olive oil #naitchef -11:46 AM Jan 28th, 2009

bruleeblog Another q – when Rob is creating new recipes or tweaking, does he consider food allergies at all (dairy-free, gluten-free, etc.)? #naitchef -11:47 AM Jan 28th, 2009

NAIT @bruleeblog yes and no – it really depends #naitchef -12:14 PM Jan 28th, 2009

Rob Feenie coming to Edmonton

So NAIT’s big annoucement  is that Rob Feenie is going to be the chef-in-residence at NAIT… and will be opening a Cactus Club at West Edmonton Mall later in the year.

This is a pretty big deal. He’s probably one of Canada’s more famous chefs (he beat Morimoto in Iron Chef America and his former restaurant partners in Vancouver replaced him with Daniel Boulud). NAIT’s going to get some great publicity out of this.

See my previous post for info on the Twitter live chat. I sent in a question about food bloggers and chefs.